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Shawn M. Boockoff - Market Administrator
Northeast Marketing Area - Federal Milk Marketing Order 1
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Marketing Services Overview

The Marketing Service responsibilities include the verification of milk tests and weights for independent producers, producers who are not members of a qualified, exempt milk cooperative. This ensures minimum payment requirements are met. To accomplish this, we operate a dairy laboratory, conduct analysis, and operate a bulk milk tank calibration program.

 Accessing Producer Test Results

The Northeast MA Laboratory verifies producer milk samples for components upon which payment is required and provides for information purposes somatic cell count (SCC) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN) for each producer currently four months per year.

Verification milk samples are tested four times during a month. Verification test results are posted on a secure website on the 17th of each month and available the next morning. Test results are available over a time span of the past 13 months. Typically each producer will have 4 - 5 months that they were included in sample analysis over the 13 month period.

After a producer establishes an account, a username and password are provided to allow for access to the secure test results website. 

 Disclaimer statement

The test results reported are estimates of the composition of your milk, in terms of fat, true protein, and other solids, derived by infrared milk analyses. These results pertain only to the milk that was observed in your bulk milk holding tank at the date and time in which a representative sample was taken.